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Videos are the warm up

Dive into hands-on mastery

FileMaker Champions

Matt Navarre is offering intensive, live, online training to elevate your skills with the latest FileMaker features and best practices. Matt is an expert trainer and developer and will provide personal guidance and feedback to you throughout this comprehensive skills-based course that includes 40 hours of tailored content.

You will get a solid grasp of the whole platform, including relationships, scripts, calculations, API integration, design, dashboards, and more.

Claris Talk AI Podcast

Matt Navarre and Cris Ippolite have launched a new podcast

Search Results 7

One Killer Feature: Search your database and display results FROM ALL TABLES on one page.

SearchResults delivers. Along with this feature you'll find a constellation of simple controls for incredible flexibility, and powerful configuration.

Price: Free. Why free? Because we love the community.

Bike champion

Meet Matt

With a track record of empowering countless individuals, Matt Navarre stands as the go-to trainer in the industry. 

Passion for training courses through Matt's veins, infusing every session with energy and dedication.

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