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Dive into hands-on mastery

FileMaker Champion Class

Our personalized live training class is designed to elevate your skills, expand your knowledge, and introduce you to the latest FileMaker features and best practices. Led by Matt, an expert trainer and developer, you will receive personal guidance and feedback throughout this comprehensive, skills-based course.

You will gain a solid understanding of the entire platform, including relationships, scripts, calculations, API integration, design, dashboards, and more. The course includes in-person class time, continuous evaluation of student progress, and concludes with a certification exam to validate your expertise.

ClarisTalk AI

Matt Navarre and Cris Ippolite have a new video & podcast series. We talk about AI, ChatGPT, LLMs, Semantic search, and how all of this helps us be better FileMaker developers.

Search Results 7

Search ALL TABLES in your database, and see meaningful results on one page. 

SearchResults delivers. Along with centralized search you'll find a constellation of simple controls for incredible flexibility, and powerful configuration.

Price: FreeBecause we love the community.

Coming soon: SearchResults AI


In October, Matt will be speaking in Italy at Rome FileMaker Week

In November, Matt will be in Malmö Sweden at the EngageU conference

Bike champion

Meet Matt

Matt Navarre is the go-to trainer in the industry. He has a decades-long track record of empowering countless individuals.

Passion for training courses through Matt's veins, infusing every training interaction with genuine energy and dedication.

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