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FileMaker Champion Class

What is a FileMaker Champion?

If you run an organization, you see the value that FileMaker brings and you want to nurture and grow that success. You are a FileMaker Business Champion and you need a technical people on staff – in the department – to realize your vision.


If you are a FileMaker Tech Champion, you improve systems constantly, keep data flowing, and help users solve problems with FileMaker.

Business and Tech Champions: We are here to get you where you want to go.

The next class starts August 6th 2024. Dive deep into a curriculum covering data modeling, calculations, scripting, looping, JSON, API integration, performance optimization, themes & styles, ChatGPT, dashboards, and much more.​

Why choose our champion class?


Benefit from personalized attention and guidance to achieve your development goals. Frequent one-on-one meetings.

Next Level

Transform your FileMaker expertise and take your career to the next level. We cover the entire FileMaker platform, and focus on skills.


We celebrate our successes as we learn to be build useful, powerful systems that are fun to use.


The class is suitable for both newcomers and experienced developers eager to elevate their FileMaker skills.


Join a group of dedicated learners with similar needs and abilities. The small class size ensures you get attention.


The class is entirely interactive, which promotes learning from collective progress and experiences.

Elevate Your Skills

We offer an intensive, live, online course to elevate your skills with the latest FileMaker features and best practices.


The instructor is Matt Navarre – an expert trainer and developer. He will provide personal guidance and feedback to you throughout the twenty sessions in this comprehensive, skills-based course.

How many of these are true about you and your organization?

Take the Champion Quiz


Your organization has been using FileMaker a long time, and it's key to your success


Developing with FileMaker is not your only job


The database is perfectly functional, but a bit behind the times


You love FileMaker and you want to do more with it


Your database could be faster / prettier / better connected / more modern


Your business is unique. Off-the-shelf software won't even come close.


You want: Web integration, APIs, JSON, TOGs, ChatGPT, Security, Connect/Studio/Pro...


Your database is maintained by someone close to the users - not by an IT department

With the right help, the right class – you could do so much more!
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