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What's Included in Citizen Developer Class?

Four part class series.

We meet twice a week – live, online. We all share our screen and work on each exercise together. It's active learning, with very little lecture.


Each part is six hours of training over a 2 day period

Between classes, you'll work on your database and build skills of what you learned in class. Matt reviews your work, and provides helpful feedback.


Access to videos of each segment - long term

Each segment is one hour, and is focused on a single goal. All classes are recorded and available for students to watch. They will stay online long-term.


Personalized database file that you keep after class

You'll have your own FileMaker database hosted on the training server. You'll have 24/7 access to the file, and I'll email it to you after class. The instructor will have an account as well, so I can watch your skills grow in between classes.


Carefully prepared lesson plans for each segment

The carefully crafted curriculum covers of a wide array of topics. We focus on active learning techniques, and use best practices based on evidence, neuroscience, and experience. Decades of experience went into each segment.


Unlimited retakes of class

After you complete the class, many of our students want more. The next time the class is offered, you can audit the class FOR FREE. Want even more? Audit the next one too. This is a great value for you, and to the students in each new class.


  • One-on-one meetings with each student will be scheduled before, during and after the class series.

  • Classes are usually two days each week, for two hours each day.

  • Classes are on Zoom. Screen sharing is required, but video is not.

  • FileMaker 19.4 or later is required to access class database

  • Start time of class will be adapted to fit each cohort.

  • Class times are optimized for students in North & South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Class times for Asia and Australia are not so easy.

  • A deposit will hold your spot in class. The deposit is fully refundable until 30 days before class starts.

  • Remainder of payment is due on first day of class unless other arrangements are made.

  • Please contact us for pricing

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