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Meet your instructor:
Matt Navarre

With a track record of empowering countless individuals, Matt Navarre stands as the go-to trainer. His expertise has fueled the success of self-starters, flourishing professional FileMaker developers, and everyone in between.


Passion for training courses through Matt's veins, infusing every session with energy and dedication. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has not only founded and managed two thriving FileMaker businesses but also crafted innovative solutions that span industries, from manufacturing to non-profit to life-saving endeavors.


Matt's contributions as a community leader, podcaster, and esteemed speaker at FileMaker conferences further solidify his unwavering commitment to empowering the FileMaker community.


Join Matt's transformative courses and unlock your true FileMaker potential today!

Matt_04 - blue coat.jpg
Why Choose Matt as Your Guide in the FileMaker Journey?

One thing: Training

Matt shares his skills and knowledge to empower others, which stems from his love of the platform. There are several great trainers in the FileMaker community, running their consulting empires. Matt is alone with his focus on live, personalized training.

Skilled trainer
and developer
In every version
Recipient of Claris awards
Evangelism and Sales
Host of top FileMaker podcast
Meetup group founder
Bike champion

Matt brings the same passion to training that he has for life. When he's not training, you'll find him cycling around Crete, composing music, cooking amazing breakfasts, or editing this website.

Navarre Training was previously known as Claris Training, but Claris (and Apple Legal) did not like that.

Matt's company is Fermata Software LLC, based in Seattle WA.

Fermata is a musical term - when a note or chord is held for an indeterminate amount of time. Much expression in music happens here. For a conductor, the Fermata is a challenging gesture, with a satisfying result. It fits nicely with Database Development.

Matt is CTO of IFCS - A vertical market product in the Airline Catering industry. Part of the job is active FileMaker development, which keeps skills sharp and current

Matt Lives in Crete, Greece, having relocated from Portland Oregon after 30+ years. If you can work in the US and live in Europe, do that.

It's a complicated, fun, engaging, and beautiful world!

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